Sunday, July 11, 2010

Next time, I'll elope!

This wedding planning is seriously stressing me out.

I am, by nature, a worrier. I worry about everything.

I don't sleep because I can't turn my mind "off."

I have a wedding planning book that my mom and sister bought me, a notebook, a small notebook and a new calendar, all devoted to wedding lists.

When I get stressed out and overwhelmed and anxious, this funny thing happens to me. I randomly break into tears.

Big, ugly, cannot control or stop them, tears.

And this weekend,

I cannot count how many times I burst into tears or even recall all the minute and ridiculous things that set me off.

But tonight, when we got home from a cookout and Frank went to the Reeds website, on his own, and picked out our wedding bands and asked me if I wanted to go next weekend to get them...

...well, that makes all the stress and worrying and anxiety and tears SO WORTH IT.


  1. aw don't stress! you're supposed to be having fun with the planning! and thats what bridesmaids are me next time!

  2. Aww!! Seriously... when I got engaged my BFF/matron of honor got me a "everything to planning a wedding" type book. *Hint hint Nicole! ;-)* It helped take a lot of the pressure off... even tho we did eventually go down to the courthouse and just did it.. LOL
    BTW, I'm also getting "other" posts on my Google Reader, but they're not showing up here? Am I just imagining things, or am I crazy?! So weird..

  3. I'm engaged and haven't set a date or started planning my wedding yet. Weddings are just so stressful! We will probably elope LOL. But, since you're not, I have no doubts that your wedding will be gorgeous! Like all things in life, go with your gut! And try not to put too much pressure on yourself :) I know, easier said than done!