Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Well, here we go...
         ...a new ring
            ...a new day
               ...a new blog!

I've been racking my brain, for quite some time now, about changing my blog. I love my old blog. I love all the comments, advice and help. I love my followers. I love my "blogging besties." I love the real life friends I've made from my blog.

I don't love the name. I don't love that it is so negative. I don't love that it implies that I'm always unhappy, have something to complain about or ungrateful to the Marine Corps.

I was a disgruntled girlfriend when I created the blog and consequently, the name. I was dealing with a difficult deployment and, at the time, I was disgruntled. But, as time went on, I became less and less disgruntled and in the past couple of months, I cringe a little bit each time I see that word.

I didn't know how to transition to a new blog, though. And then, the perfect opportunity afforded itself.

A wedding blog.
A way to include all of our family and friends and guests in the planning.
A way to share with all my curious followers and blogging besties.

And so, "...Take Me Down to the Little White Church..." was born. For right now, I'm going to continue blogging on my other blog and blog mostly about wedding plans on this blog. I think I will, eventually, transition my blogging exclusively to this blog. I feel like this blog can grow and change with Frank and myself.

I do not think I will be cross-posting very much. With that being said, I am going to cross-post two entries from my other blog in order to make sure everyone is caught up on our journey to the little white church!

So, welcome to our journey! Have a seat and stay awhile. Please leave us comments and help us make our day perfect with your feedback and advice!